2019 Monthly Blog


Black Rock Woods, Evanton in pouring rain.
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September started soggy and wet and stayed this way most of the month till near the end when things changed to glorious sunshine. September is sometimes a very nice month, warm sun and a slight colour change in the greens of the tree's pre autumn taking hold.
Soggy wet drizzle is not ideal for landscapes, the all important light is dampened making everything look a bit flat.
I was not about to stay indoors though. I decided to spend time photographing woodland and forest. Rainy dull weather is actually better for this type of photography and you have the added bonus of a bit of shelter from the canopy of tree's.
I am lucky to have beautiful woodland on my doorstep, Black Rock Woods. Beautiful walks, beautiful tree's, lots of nooks and crannies to explore for compositions. I spent a good few weeks back and forth to the woods trying different compositions and honing woodland photography skills. It didn't make the daily wet grey days seem so bad !!
By the end of the month the sun was shining, it was warm. A few trips to the west coast to the soaring Torridon mountains, lochs and rivers were a delight and the roads and tourists were less busy than summer months.
A local well established Hotel, The Priory, Beauly contacted me this month with an interest in my work for all of their bedrooms and lounge area. I had a meeting and they were delighted to purchase all my work for the bedrooms and sell my work from their lounge area.
Within the first week of them being displayed in their lounge they have sold out !! It is keeping me bust replacing them regularly.
They are being bought by hotel residents and locals alike.
The month ends and we are heading for our annual holiday to Rannoch. The bags are packed !!