Summer Isles from Altandhu, Achiltibuie
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HAPPY NEW YEAR! A new year & a new decade begins !
We are into the first week of January and the weather is in a word "dreich" albeit extremely mild for the time of year.
I have a new camera! Sony of course! and, also added a new lens to my collection so I am excited to get out into the landscapes with it.
We spent New Year at Achiltibuie, and, I did manage to sit, ( I say sit as it was difficult to stand) in the high winds long enough to capture this photograph overlooking the Summer Isles after the sun had set leaving a sky of changing rich colours until darkness decsended. The wind was ferocious making it difficult to keep the tripod still not to mention myself! hence the sitting position. It was bracing to say the least, but,
when you are out and watch mother natures beautiful spectacles you kind of forget about the weather elements.
Since it was New year a warming dram by the fire was welcoming !
I will update later in the month with more January news.