Old Tree in Autumn, Wyvis
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1st of October and hubby and I are still in Kinloch Rannoch. The weather is beautiful, Misty mornings and glorious blue skies by day. So far we’ve had a sunset every evening ! We will be back home in a few days with lots of photographs to look through.

The autumn colours are now starting to flourish. There are so many good locations to capture the colours so I have a wee list ! to try and get round as many as I can.
I have visited the following: Glencalvie Forest, Alladale Wilderness Reserve, Wyvis Forest, Gledfield, Dunrobin Castle Forest, Strath Brora, Strath of Kildonan, Glencassley and locally Foulis Estate and Glenglass. Not to mention any other places I pass en route worthy of a photograph.
It seems a lot but Autumn is short and the colours change every day. It’s one of mother nature’s real spectacles and .....it’s free ! It’s so good for mind body and soul to be out and at one with nature.
It’s the season for the Red Deer Rut. Another fine spectacle to witness. Hubby and I spent a week or so watching these magnificent beasts every day . Hubby does wildlife photography and has captured some amazing photographs.
We do of course have to sneak through the forest and hide as to not disturb the deer.
We also spent several days watching red squirrels collecting and hiding hazelnuts for their winter stash. Amazing to watch, they are such endearing wee things. Again we keep a distance as not to disturb the squirrels or any wildlife.

It’s been a busy month and mostly fine weather without any sign of ice or frost...so far.
We will see what November has in store, the days are shorter so less time for photography. I just have to get out much earlier in the mornings !!
Canvases have been selling very well, thank you to all who have purchased. Deliveries are still taking a bit longer than usual due to COVID but only by a few days.

Till next month......stay safe everyone.