"The Old Crofthouse", Ross-shire
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December.... last month of the year ! and a very difficult and turbulent year in some way for us all, but, we have got through it and a new year looms still with a lot of uncertainty.
The nights are long and dark in December so good to get out with the camera early and make the most of the winter light. I set myself a goal this month to photograph some old ruined croft houses that I found locally.
There are several in the glen but 3 of them are fairly close together so I concentrated on these first. I walked to all 3 mid month the weather is mild and damp but I really wanted to capture them in frosty or snowy conditions. By the end of the month the weather obliged ! This house in the photograph is the middle house of the three. I've done some research and they hold quite a history which is fascinating and interesting. I will continue my quest in 2021, if allowed, as there are several more dotted around the glen.
I managed another dawn shoot out to Tarbatness Lighthouse, again chilly but very mild for the time of year. The pre dawn light was beautiful followed by an amazing sunrise. It's a special time of day watching the world around us wake up.
Christmas is looming and Covid-19 is spiralling once again with a new strain. Lockdown looms and Christmas get togethers are only allowed for one day !
It's so incredibly difficult not being able to see family and friends over the festive period, but, I guess the best gift is to stay away and stay safe.
We are allowed to walk in our local area and we are of course blessed with many places to walk from home so it's good to get out and exercise and of course take photographs.
Father Christmas brought me a very nice new lens which I am keen to get out and try :-) A Sony 50mm 1.8 for more intimate landscape shots.
The winter light is just beautiful, the sun is low giving the landscapes a rich golden glow and although the tree's are bare there's still beautiful colour in the golden grasses, the brown heather and the mossy banks and rocks.
My new lens is great ! I spent a day taking photographs with only the new lens in different light and conditions....I'm very happy with the results !
Do I have any goals for 2021 ? A few, but perhaps some will be on hold due to travel restrictions. However there is plenty to photograph locally.
So, until next year....wishing you all a safe and peaceful New Year and remember..... “Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference.”
Thank you all for your support in 2020