"Down by the River" Evanton Wood
Happy New Year!
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A New Year has arrived. Normally a time to celebrate with family and friends but alas Covid-19 still has us in it's unrelenting grip. The country is in lockdown, no travel, no visiting friends or family and only leaving home for essential purposes including exercise within a 5 mile radius from home. A gloomy start to the year ahead.
However, living in the Highlands of Scotland we are thankfully blessed that we can walk from our door and be out in nature. We have forests and woodlands, rivers and hills all around us so that I am most grateful for. Being out in nature is so good for mind, body and soul. When I'm out with my camera or, just walking it's like everything in this world is fine....if only ! but it is nice to take your mind off these uncertain times.
The weather is cold with some light dustings of snow so I have been out photographing the landscapes in their winter attire. I have continued my mission to photograph old croft houses in the glen, some days frosty, but, nearer the end of the month a good fall of snow gave the landscape and the old ruins a whole different look.
There is nothing nicer than being the first to walk in deep new snow, and, to be fair it's been a few years since we have had any real wintery weather. I have given my new lens a good workout and continue to be happy with the results.
Our local wood is just beautiful with the tree's laden with snow making it seem like walking in Narnia !! The ponds are frozen creating some nice ice patterns and the boulders in the river snowcapped all white against their dark grey mossy bulk.
I use my tripod always allowing me to compose my shots at different heights. I like to get low down to create a different perspective of a scene.....perhaps a wee excuse to have a roll about in the snow ! I think snow brings out a bit of the inner child in us !
The light is changing fast, lighter in the mornings and by the end of the month still quite light by 5pm.

I will leave you with a little saying that I like, and, it is so true. Even a half hour walk lifts the spirits, enjoy what nature provides, and, it's all free !
Photograph - River Glass, Evanton Wood

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks "
John Muir.

Till next month, stay safe and well