Snow, Ice and Sun
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February has arrived clinging onto the freezing conditions, Winter woollies are still a must !
Covid 19 rules are still the same with" stay at home being" the ultimate message. Exercise in our area is allowed.
The skies are grey beginning of the month, not much light about and I seem to have "photographers block" where nothing seems to inspire me.
By mid month we get a real good fall of snow, in fact it's been a few years since we've had such a good covering lasting a several days. My inspiration has returned ! The local landscape, woodlands and forests are transformed once again into Narnia like scenes. The snow thawed leaving pretty treacherous ice in some places in the glens making walking a bit of an ordeal !

I may have mentioned in previous blog that I set myself a photography project to photograph old crofts and their ruined houses in our surrounding area of Evanton. When the ice melted and the ground a bit safer to walk on I continued my mission. These old places are so fascinating, some are intact with roofs, some derelict with just scattered remains. Most require a lengthy walk, and some are so well hidden it's an adventure trying to find them ! I go armed with tripod and just one lens, my Zeiss 24-70mm. This gives me a fairly broad range and carrying just one lens leaves room for my flask and eats ! A must when out for the day !
It's interesting, I have discovered that some of these crofts are quite hard to photograph being surrounded by forests, cut down tree's or being on the edge of steeps embankments not allowing me to get far enough away to include everything in the frame. I now also take a wider 18mm wide angle lens. It's small and light ....I just have to have a chocolate biscuit less !!
My goal is to photograph as many of these old crofts as I can, and, as many as can physically walk to and make a book of photographs.
Like all my photography, I like to return more than once, sometimes many times. My first visit is usually a scouting visit, I will take photographs but I like to explore and look at all different options and compositions. Also returning at different times of day and different weather conditions.
March is almost upon us and we have had a few days of sunshine....and a little hint of warmth from the sun !
I'm sure March may be a mixed bag of weather but signs of spring will burst forth and nature will renew new life !

Photograph -"Kiltearn Shore in Winter"
"Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers"
Kahil Gibran

Till next month
Stay safe and well