MARCH 2021

The Wee Lochan, Market Hill, Glen Glass
A Touch of Spring
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It's March...already ! I continue my "Old Croft" project and it's been a joy with some quite pleasing spring like weather !
We are still under covid restrictions and unable to travel out-with our local area, but, as I have said in the past we are so very lucky to live where we do
and have quite a diversity of landscapes all within walking distance from the house. This month I got all the OS maps out, and, some very old maps of the area and found places I'd never been. Old tracks, a few lochans
and forests I'd not wandered through and new landscapes to explore ! It's amazing what's on your doorstep !
The light is changing and the midday sun is tricky for photography. The landscape looks beautiful all lit up brightly but lacks contrast and shadow so I try to wait till later afternoon
when the sun is a little lower to take photographs. It's getting to the time of year when for landscapes the start and end of the days provide the best light. Not always of course, there are times when a well lit scene works.
Of course as the months progress and the clocks going forward this month dawn shoots become earlier at unearthly hours !
There's been a few wet days, drizzly sort of days which I really like for forest photography. Armed with just a 50mm lens I spent hours in the local woodland and produced some rather nice images.
There is a slight colour change in the landscape, the tree's are still largely bare some with tiny buds. By the end of the month swathes of daffodils have their sunny heads swaying in the breeze.
We have had some exceptionally warm days last week of the month, but, April is bringing some snow and colder weather ! Lambing snow as they say....quite normal for the Highlands !
By the end of the month there is a bit of light in that dark tunnel. Restrictions are slowly being lifted.....we can get a hair cut soon !! and, we can meet outside with 2 other people. Things are looking up ...let's hope it's onwards and upwards.

Photograph "The Wee Lochan" Market Hill, Glenglass

Until next month
Stay safe and well and enjoy spring ! It has most definitely sprung !