JUNE 2021

Summer Sunsets (click thumbnail to see larger image)
It's the beginning of June and at last there is a hint of summer ! Temperatures are rising giving warmth and everything is growing fast !
I always struggle with summer photography. The Highlands transform into lush beauty and the scenery is stunning but harsh summer light
is difficult. Mornings and evenings are generally better times to add atmosphere to my images.
It's great that we can travel freely again but of course I choose to go to hidden gems around the Highlands away from crowds and large volumes of people. There is still plenty to discover !
As the month has progressed it's very warm and summery and we have had some rather nice sunset evenings as in this image looking along Strath Fleet.
I have been considering a change of lenses. I feel I need something with more reach for mountains and more intimate landscape scenes.
I'm still undecided but will investigate my options....I never like to hurry these things !


Until next month stay safe and well !