A Touch of Autumn
A Touch of Autumn
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Hello and welcome to my October blog. What have I been up to ? Quite a lot ! I have been out most days in search of autumnal glory visiting many of the places I had scouted out last month, some local woodland, and, some further afield locations. Not much colour about early in the month. The weather has changed somewhat, not cold but some dull and pretty wet days. We went to Torridon early in the month in search of some waterfalls that we hadn't been to before. There had been a lot of rain so water levels in the rivers and falls were up. A very beautiful walk with stunning views to the mountains and the waterfalls were very impressive but I'm afraid the weather was dreadful, lashing wind and rain persisted all day so the photographs were....in a word....terrible ! I will return. Spent several days in the Assynt area. One of my favourite places in the Highlands. It's been nice to go this time of year when the tourists have thinned out a lot compared to summer months although there are still plenty camper vans and motor homes about. My Assynt trips weren't very successful either ! It rained...heavily...the wind howled and the mountains were hidden by dense scotch mist ! I had one or two atmospheric shots from my trips in Assynt but the rest were again...terrible. It's difficult trying to keep the tripod steady in the wind, keep the camera reasonably dry and most of all keep the rain off the lens, but still worth trying and in a sense it is enjoyable and very memorable !
I don't always come home with a camera full of great images, sometimes they are dreadful but that is ok. It just means I go back and try again in better conditions.
Wyvis is a regular haunt for me and of course spent many hours there. Even sat watching the deer rut for 7 hours !
Later in the month there's a wee bit more colour but I'd say Autumn is slower to burst forth this year. Some woodlands have great colour and our local woodland is still very green, with just a hint here and there of russets and yellows.
At the end of the month I did a trip to Glen Strathfarrar before it closes the gates for the season. WOW !! the colours were awesome and the light and weather couldn't have been better. I did get some very pleasing images from this trip ! some which you can see here LATEST WORK
Happy now I have captured some of Autumn's glory, and will continue to do so as long as it lasts....I am now in search of that mysterious early morning fog and mist ! I think the night temps need to fall a bit for that .......here's hoping !

Sales have again been so good this month a BIG thank you to all who have purchased and for your kind emails and comments.
Until next month..take care...stay safe

"A Touch of Autumn" - No Mans Land - Wyvis