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Photograph of Brora

We stumbled upon one of Heathers photograph by accident in a shop in Brora and immediately loved it. We will definitely be buying more, very talented photographer
Stevie & Claire Stewart


Hi, I would just like to thank you for my beautiful canvas and the very quick delivery (within 48 hours from ordering!)
Thanks again
Helen Wares


Fantastic picture was so glad you could send it out to me and for all the help you have some fantastic pictures will definitely be buying more
Melanie clouston

Bought today!

Hi heather I bought one of your beautiful photographs on canvas today in Brora. Had no idea what to get my husband for his birthday. We visit brora often and it's an area close to my husbands heart. Stumbled on the gift shop, then found your canvas. Result!!
Cathy dolan

Your Wonderful Photography

Hi Heather, I have just viewed some of your Highland Photos, what a stunning collection of diverse scenery and subjects.The Scottish Light is so Magical, I hope you had a Hot Cuppa Tea in the Thermos , after those Winter Shots.
Cheers, Gary from Levin, New Zealand

Your galleries

Hi Heather, i still eagerly peruse galleries with awe at regular intervals as they give a me look at standards i don think i shall ever attain. Nevertheless i shall keep trying.Still based in Hampshire but get north at leat twice a year to Ayrshire (alias scotex)
James Fleming

Heather L. Ross

Your photographs have been an inspiration for me. And I am impressed with your energy. I am particularly moved by the monochrome images you have.
Basil Gavin

your photos

Wow, you have such an incredible gift. Love looking at your photos. We are just going to move to Nairn from California in August. So fun and exciting to see what you have captured of the highlands. Your photos inspire me to learn photography! Thank you!
Cheers, Robyn

A wee comment for your guestbook

Such a beautiful collection of atmospheric images. You've really captured the 'magic' of so many of Scotland's truly wild places. A website that I'll return to time and time again....a real treat to look through.

Alison Scotland
Alison Scotland

Amazing Photo's

We have just sat in awe looking at the wonderful photographs you and your husband have displayed. They are incredible.........must be good to share such a wonderful hobby together...keep up the good work, hope to see more when we return


Heather, just a mail to say how much I appreciated looking at your utterly stunning work whilst having a meal this evening. We were travelling back to Caithness from Inverness. I was transfixed by your images, thank you.
Adrian Adams


I have just looked at the images you have captured and I think they are magical! I just keep looking at them over and over again.WEll DONE THEY ARE STUNNING

Guest Book

Your photos are stunning! Having spent holidays in Brora for many years and then a few years taking care of my father there, these pictures brought back wonderful memories of the incredible scenery and sights of the far north - yes, it can be bleak but there is a grandness and a purity - a place of contrasts and, as you say, in whatever the weather! Keep photographing! Margaret

Guestbook Comment


Your gallery is fantastic! Great works by a great photographic artist! I hope you don't mind my putting a link to your web site on mine.

Thomas E. Dillon



I have contacted you before, just to let you know I was busy re-building my site and added a links page to it. I put your site on it because I reckon you deserve the recognition, plus I get some of my inspiration from your work!
Matthew Stoner


Wonderfull pics! *s*

Hi Heather

Not on Flickr any longer, but just wanted to drop by & say that your work is always inspirational - long may it continue!!!


Bernie Stafford


one of the greatest on flickr and maybe on the net :)
gives me inspiration and fancy. i love your jobs. unfortunately for a southeuropean person this is not the right moment to buy or i m sorry but i cannot purchase anything.
b.t.w.:your next step is...learning gaelic!!!

your work

You probably get fed up of hearing it, but your work is really inspirational. I myself like photography and have my own website
I am self taught but draw ideas and inspiration from the pro's like yourself. I mainly show at craft fairs/carboots. I stay just down the road in Dingwall and bought a couple of items from your stall at the cancer charity fayre at the spa pavillion in Strathpeffer a while back. They have pride of place next to my PC!Well, as the saying goes, keep up the good work and providing the inspiration!
Matthew Stoner


Heather thanks for all your help...your pictures and website have been and will continue to be inspirational to me.
Dave Tyrer

just to say


Phil Restan had mentioned your site, its good Heather, lots of lovely images and you have certainly been putting the mileage in! lol



Heather you have a magic about your images.. and no one uses light in the same sense that you do. I think you are truly a gifted photographer.
Congratulations of a fine web site and your galleries leave me wanting more..
Gaye Horn


I love the landscapes and seascapes, they are my particular interest.

I like your site very much.

your work

beautiful inventive studies, enjoyed The Old Book in a ruined cottage in particular. I had to leave the highlands and move to france, i recognise so many of the places,,many with such fond memories,,,,I held and exhibition in eden court some years ago, and was proud this year to have been invited to exhibit at the United Nations in Geneva,,,,,different subject matter as landscapes are not my forte,,,,i never seem to get the colour you find,,,,,,,
got your web address from a guy who serviced yor gas boiler!!!!! small world

outstanding photos

photos are fantastic, what a talented girl you are.
trish x
trish grant


Hi Heather
Stunning pics as ever.
Alan Miller


So glad I found this site at last. You helped me when I first got my DSLR. I was upset when I lost touch with you but at least now I can come on here to be inspired.
Thanks for the priveledge of seeing your work


Just looking through other members of Clickpic, and came across your web-site. Can I just say I loved looking at your Falls and Water Galery, They are Stunning.

Nick Page


Hey girl! wonderful pictures! you've been busy! We all miss you in pumpkin chat Big Hugs, keep in touch please


Hi Heather, Slowly going through your site, loads of very good photos, I particulary like the Eilean Donan Castle and your waterfall images.

Keep in touch

Phil Restan

The Reaper

Hi Heather,

Hope your well, just been through your galleries and although all of your work is stunning the reaper is really something special!

All the best
tony croucher


Hi Heather I was just having a wee look at your website, so many beautiful photo's it was a joy to look at.
Kind regards
Donald Bain


Hi Heather,
Really impressed with your photographic skills. They really are quite lovely.See you sometime
Julia xx
julia campbell

Photo's & Website


The website is fantastic. Great photos and a great website. I am really proud to see you doing so well. It is really obvious that you have a passion and respect for your subjects and it is reflected in your photos.

Hope to catch up with you and Jimbo for a coffee next time I am up in Inverness.

Happy clicking
Gordon Jeffrey

Well Deserved Congrats

Congrats on your "Amateur Photographer" publication. The shot is fantastic. Hope to hear more from you.
aka Clip
Peter Roach


Hi Heather, just had a look through your site - the photos are FAB!! The College is having an Open Day on 2nd June, would you like to show some of your photographs or perhaps show off your website? The current Digital Photography class will be having a wee exhibition there too.
All the best


Great pics Heather they really are excellent :)

Hope you are ok :)


Your website

Congratulations on a wonderful site. I look forward to coming back for regular updates.
Richard Powell (a.k.a. OldAussie)


Finally back on broadband and wanted to say congratulations on a really fine series of photographs. You need to come and take some of the bluebells at Lower Balconie soon.
Iain Clark


Wonderful photos. The site itself is fast and easy to navigate, You have done a super job.I will be sure to post links to it.



I wish my photos were half as good as yours. You have inspired me to fill the car to the brim with petrol and drive up to ScottyLand this weekend.
Nirmal Singh


Just thought id leave you a message to say that your website is fab, the photos are outstanding!
I'll have to get one for the flat.
I love the stormy day photo of kiltern beach.
love you loads mum, your the best.
Ruth Leslie

news page

that looks great........your text is very poetic too!

Guestbook comments

Some fantastic pictures Heather. They have inspired me to get out there and start taking more photos
james ward


Such stunning photos Heather, so many of them blow me away, I just keep going back to "the wall" and that sky !!! - fabulous stuff - love them all
Steve Brand


Well done, a breathtaking journey through a magnificent part of the world, the lady has talent:-)


A Stunning website heather with superb pictures.
Gary Gas

Great Site Heather :)

Love your site Hen, it really is excellent :-)


Heather, what a breathtaking site. Every image is a treasure and one that i would be proud of taking myself. Keep up this standard when adding to this site and it will become one of Scotlands National Treasures.
Well Done
Alan Miller


Excellent site Heather....I love the Galleries, really good spread! I LOVE the Hidden Gem photo...a touch of brilliance!