About Me/Biography

About my photography, equipment and work

Moving to the Highlands of Scotland in 1980 I settled In Evanton, Ross-shire where I still live with my husband Jimmy.
Working in Fashion Retail for many years I had the opportunity to end my career in 2002 and pursue my interest in photography.
Using professional quality equipment and specializing mainly in landscapes, I photograph my images in colour and black & white.
I never tire of the Scottish Highlands and its largely unspoiled natural beauty. The seasons in which we are blessed, sunny or stormy, cold or wet all hold a special magical moment on our glorious Highland landscapes which are both challenging and inspirational to me. My great love of the outdoors combined with my passion for photography gives me the opportunity to capture some of these moments which can be lost in a whisper.
I hope my photographs give you as much pleasure viewing them as it does for me taking them"

My Photography

Photography is very special to me and means many
It's challenging. I closely watch weather patterns to capture a moment at the right time in the right light and I'll return to a location many times until I capture the right moment, sometimes sitting and waiting until the light works it's magic.
It's adventurous. In many ways setting off on a photographic shoot with no particular place in mind and finding some amazing scenes and eyecatching objects en route is exciting, always new things to see and find.
It's calming and peaceful and combines well with our passion for nature and the outdoors and our love of walking, hobbies that both my husband and I share.
Lastly it's enjoyable and fun, never a chore or hard work.

My Inspirations

My inspiration comes from the stunning landscapes and beauty which surround us in the Highlands of Scotland, something I never take for granted.
I also aspire to the great Ansel Adams, an absolute master of his time. Joe Cornish and his wonderful landscape books also give me inspiration.

Last and by no means least inspiration comes from my wonderful husband who has taught me most things I now know about photography. With his love, encouragement and support it makes the hobby that we share together all worthwhile.

My Equipment

Sony A711
Sony NEX5N
Sony 18-55mm
Tamron 28-200mm f2.8-5.6 Di III RXD
Benro Tripod

My Work and Goals

Weather and lighting conditions dictate times I go out but I aim to be out most days at some point and at least 2-3 full days a week, sometimes more!
My goal? well there isn't one really. As long as I can pick up my camera and get out there and capture as much beauty as I can that I can share with the viewer, if one enjoys what one see's then my goal is complete, after all there are always two people involved in every good photograph.........the photographer and the viewer!


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